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Credo Explainer
We glad to announce Credo explainer. Short video demonstrates how to buy goods and earn money with innovative Credo system
Published: 30 Oct 2017
International Blockchain Forum
International Blockchain Forum took place in Moscow on 12th of October. The CREDO project aroused genuine interest by forum participants and opened new horizons in the blockchain usage, that will allow to create new decentralized financial systems.
Published: 30 Oct 2017
Factoring is the future of retail trade
Sticking to the trends of technology development and looking ahead CREDO offers not just factoring services, but create a whole decentralized financial system.
Published: 30 Oct 2017
CREDO Could Be Competitive As Visa And MasterCard
“We carried out a transaction in Europe through Deutsche Bank and VTB Bank in Russia executed a cross-border transfer for purchase liabilities of one of our Spanish counterparties”....
Published: 1 Nov 2017
CREDO challenges all banks by providing factoring services
CREDO offers entrepreneurs to refuse loans, in exchange for the obligation to buy the entire consignment. And it also gives the opportunity to ordinary people who connect their bank card to the system to purchase this product with a significant discount.
Published: 30 Oct 2017
Oksana Evseeva, an expert on international investments certified IFRS by the Institute of Financial Accountants in London, weighed in on the potential of CREDO in the global marketplace:

CREDO could be comparative and competitive as Visa and MasterCard using its model on B2B and C2C markets. […] It could work as on B2C as on B2B and C2C markets combining current financial and new crypto-currency markets.
Published: 1 Nov 2017
Сoffee by cryptocurrency
We just posted how to pay by Credo
Published: 15 Oct 2017
Financial Systems of the Future
A decentralized financial system based on blockchain and crypto-currencies could be much simpler due to the absence of intermediaries.
Published: 30 Oct 2017
New Generation Payment System Credo Makes Everyday Shopping Easier
The history of this project begins in 2010 when the idea how to make easier every day shopping was born...
Published: 1 Nov 2017
CREDO: the nextgen payment system, announces pre-ICO
CREDO is a new generation multifunctional payment system based on an algorithm that involves the participation of an independent agent in the financial transactions...
Published: 1 Nov 2017