Frequently asked questions

Can U.S. citizens participate in ICO CREDO?
No, residents of the United States can’t participate in the CREDO tokens distribution because of the US laws. You can participate in the CREDO ICO if you are neither a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the United States, nor have a primary residence or domicile in the United States, including Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and any other territories of the United States.
Can I participate in ICO CREDO without creating the Ethereum address?
No, since the CREDO tokens are released on the Ethereum blockchain, you will need an Ethereum address to get and store CREDO tokens. You can use the following Ethereum wallets: Ethereum wallet, Mist, or other wallets in which you have access to your private keys. Don’t send the Ethereum to participate in ICO from the accounts of exchanges!!! You don’t have access to your private keys on accounts of crypto-exchanges, so you won’t have access to CREDO tokens.
When will it be possible to have a profit by CREDO tokens?
CREDO tokens will be available on the exchanges after the ICO. So it’s possible to take part in exchange trades with other tokens. The capitalization of CREDO will increase with the growth of the number of Clients and Partners, therefore the market rate of tokens will grow constantly.
How does your system work?
CREDO directs investments in the real sector for a specific commodity-money turnover. Using CREDO the investor finances real business and increases his capital through multiple turnover in transactions, and all operations are registered by the blockchain. The return on capital can be up to 50% per year
What is the function of your token?
CREDO token entitles you as a bank owner to finance international and local transactions and receive a reward for each transaction.
What determines the token price?

The total tokens value is secured by real money in circulation.

The capitalization of CREDO will increase with the growth of the number of Clients and Partners, therefore the market rate of tokens will grow constantly.

What blockchain do you use?
To increase transparency, CREDO uses a private Ethereum blockchain (PoA).
How do you differ from an ordinary bank?
While you are just a passive investor in the existing banking system, in the CREDO system each investor establishes his own "bank", which allows making simple investment decisions and making profit from a multiple turnover of investments in real trade transactions.
What can I do with 1000$ (maybe even $ 100) using your system?
You can invest your tokens into transactions and receive a share of profits
What can I buy for my money?
The bank secured by all the necessary functionalities for making financial decisions.
Why do you offer such a high intrest income? What's the catch?
A high interest can only be paid for the money that are quickly turned into transactions. We provide such an instrument.
Why is it profitable for trade (business) to work with your system?
Our money is cheaper than in the bank
What are tokens secured by?
Tokens are secured by real transactions and the system capital
I bought some tokens during the pre-ICO. How to check my balance?
Your pre-sale tokens will be imported to the main smart contract automatically. To check your token balance use our Instruction for buying tokens (last page)
How to join to Bounty?
Just send us e-mail to
When CREDO token will hit the exchange?
We are going to list our token after ICO in December 2017.
Important notice: we have two smart contracts:
1. ICO-contract that manages the ICO process (0x3709b65871f4bCB7EA0742C2a5d34BDbE313eC5b).
2. Token-contract that manages tokens (0x77557b05ba2b719c5220dfb09fc7f57b2e6deb3f).
The second contract (Token-contract) will be added to an Exchange for trading.
What were the results of pre-ICO?
8000 people had read our articles, 400 people were registered and 57 people made contribution in our project. Result: 408.352 presale tokens (CFT) was distributed after pre-ICO.
How to buy (check) tokens?