CREDO now:
China / UAE / Spain / Russia
> 9 000 transactions
> 16 120 000 EURO turnover
> 1 000 customers
What is credo?
A decentralized financial system of a next generation.
You need CREDO if you are a:
CREDO’s investors (tokens owners) will be able to make money in tokens if they leave them under the management of the Reserve Fund, investing in real trade transactions and thereby increasing the capitalization of the system.
CREDO meets you with your new clients!
Your customer traffic will rapidly increase whithout any payments for marketing and advertising!
CREDO pays you in advance and your money are free to make more money for you!
CREDO gives you discounts when you buy the same goods in the same shops! No fees for conversion! You may pay by every currency you wish including cryptos even if your shop does not accept it!
CREDO is your fast-track to success!
Your efforts for expanding CREDO-market will be rewarded with great bonuses and you will get new opportunities to start your own business in finance!
CREDO in the World of Blockchain
FREEDOM for cryptocurrencies
CREDO is the ultimate absolutely legal way to use bitcoin and altcoins for people in their every day shopping or business transactions all over the world!
STORAGE for money
CREDO-card stores your money as your personal private hardware-wallet!
You may carry on it either BTC or USD and use it as usual credit card!
INSTRUMENT for investing
CREDO is the real sector company that is going to issue tokens connected to its internal financial state! CREDO-tokens are similar to securities of fintech-companies!
Our project is a bright fintech startup as it ensures the integration of real financial instruments with blockchain technology. Originally created on a centralized basis the architecture of the CREDO processing system passed the transformation stage and was adapted to a decentralized platform, ensuring the emission and accounting of financial liabilities through smart contracts.
CREDO key points

CREDO is a safe way of transferring money.

CREDO is a processing platform combined with independence, decentralized token access and transaction encryption.

Legal complience

CREDO grants financial institutions and  retail companies  legal access to cryptocurrencies.

CREDO lets customers buy for dollars with full comply of international and national legislation.


CREDO has an intellectual patent as an innovative financial system and it is already approved by independent banking european experts as a highly progressive fintech-product.


CREDO is profitable for all participants of business:
- sellers get cash forward;
- buyers get great discounts;
- banks get increasing transactions.

You can become a CREDO partner and make money through CREDO-franchising.


CREDO is a turnkey system ready to work with all types of clients in all countries.

You can buy and sell with CREDO for any currency and from any country you wish.
Bitcoin and altcoins are accepted for purchaising.


CREDO invites you to a new world where everyone can make shopping with great discounts and no borders.

CREDO is the key to the traditional financial systems for cryptocurrencies.

CREDO gives huge profit for partners and especially for tokenholders due to its perfect financial model and flexibility.

  • Own high-speed payment system using NFC technology
  • Own POS-terminals and EMV compliant JavaCards
  • International patent
  • Innovative multi-brand loyalty program
  • Ultra-high discounts for all types of goods and services
  • Electronic certificates sold for crypto-currency
  • Electronic card linked to a personal bank card
  • Own processing system independent out of banks
  • Fully completed and ready for implementing
  • Created to work everywhere in the world just like VISA or MasterCard
  • The project was adapted for blockchain
  • It has a reserve fund, which is the guarantor of financial stability of the system
  • It uses state-of-the-art public identification technology SOVRIN
  • It uses scoring to assess the business before making a decision on its maintenance

Personal bank to everyone
The more marketing money - the more clients use CREDO and the more value CREDO brings to the tokenholders.
Everything is already secure that is why CREDO is going to invite the most authoritative independent software auditors
To launching global market expansion CREDO needs cash turnover to buyout huge discounts for people.

Konstantin, a brilliant businessman and financier, devoted his life creating a new system of commodity-money relations incorporated in the CREDO project.

For 7 years his ideas about improving financial instruments has helped him and his team to solve complex business problems creating a unique payment system.

Konstantin Galibus
Russia, St.Petersburg
«Idea Generator»
Credo CEO & Founder

Zurab is an experienced entrepreneur in the small and medium businesses.

He has been working with such processes for 20 years with a unique experience in setting up several successful technological start-ups.

The main project investor for 5 years.

Zurab Makhateli
USA, Miami
«Commerce Leader»
Co-founder & Business Partner

More than 25 years in IT project management.

Huge experience in managing projects in the financial and industrial sectors as a top manager. Technical co-author of the CREDO processing system

Alexey Movchan
Russia, St.Petersurg
«Vice President»
Technology Strategy Director

A specialist in law and economics.

Having considerable experience in practical work in the corporate and public sectors, he specializes in tax and corporate law issues, conducts economic and legal analysis of the business projects and duediligence development strategy, plans organizational, legal and structural events for big advanced projects.

Timur Gulyaev
Russia, St.Petersburg
Legal support and consulting director.
Master of Laws
Step 1
Retail Model
Step 2
Upgrade to Blockchain
Step 3
You may think: "CREDO is just like":
Visa or Mastercard
Yes, but CREDO could make your payments free out of digital and software standards and restrictions.
Yes, but with CREDO you could easily transfer and exchange any crypto currency you want, not only Bitcoin.
Exscudo or Polybius
Yes, but instead of many other ICO-projects CREDO is not a project, it is totall equipped with its own autonomous hardware and software ready to work right now.
Reading about CREDO you may find out that it could be implemented in all type of above
mentioned systems due to independency and flexibility of its financial methods.
1-st model
own processing
Global market